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Promotional Items For Every Office

Promotional office supplies have real staying power. A promotional item for the office sits on the recipient's desktop (valuable real estate!), reminding them of your business throughout the day.  

logo office suppliesPeople love to receive gifts. That's one of the main reasons why promotional products are always a big hit with any audience. The fact that promotional office supplies are practical, work-related items doesn't take away from the fun of getting a freebie. Our Deluxe Sticky Note Organizer is a favorite goodie with its bright colors and absolutely unique design.  

When someone once said that the pen is mightier than the sword, they weren't exactly referring to its marketing power…but few promotional products have a stronger impact than a high-quality logo pen. We love the Oasis Pen for its comfort grip and cool translucent colors.

Another reason that promotional office supplies work so well is the interaction factor. When a client uses an item featuring your logo, it's like they're interacting with your business. For high-end, high-tech interaction, try the Foldout USB Flash Drive 1GB. Or create feelings of goodwill towards your business with a thoughtful, useful gift like the Desk Clock and Caddy.

No matter the type of business, these are four promotional items that work for every office!

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Customer-Centered Gifts for a Lasting Impression

Promotional products got their name for a reason - they're used to promote your business. You can give them to employees, tradeshow attendees, prospects, friends, family members and just about anyone you meet. And, of course, you give promotional products to customers.

Sometimes, though, you need to take a slightly different approach with giving promotional items to your clients. When you really want to make a lasting impression, opt for a gift that's customer-centered, one that's geared more towards showing appreciation than advertising your business.

We've put together a list of four of our favorite customer-centered gifts that everyone is sure to love:
  1. Upgrade your promotional pens to the exec-worthy Maestro Click Stainless Steel Pen. Your customers will like its smooth, comfortable grip.
  2. Give your customers the gift of convenience with a Bic Media Clic Mechanical Pencil. With no need to sharpen them, mechanical pencils are quite handy.
  3. Technology gifts are always a big hit. Your customers can use the Laser Pointer USB Flash Drive at home and the office.
  4. Want to really knock their socks off? Put some music into their day with the impressive gift of a 1G Slimline MP3 Player v.2.0.

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Our Favorite Executive Pens

After we put together this list of our favorite executive pens, we got to thinking about what puts these pens ahead of the pack. So we decided to take a closer look at our top choices and answer the question - what makes an executive pen?

Here are our reasons, along with our four favorite executive pens that really fit the bill:

executive logo pensExecutive pens carry prestigious brand names. Cutter & Buck has more than earned its reputation for high-end pens with the American Classic Leather Wrap Roller. Wrapped in genuine top grain leather, this pen is the ultimate in luxury.

An executive pen is ultra-comfortable and writes extra smooth. The Odyssey Twist Ball Pen writes clean and features a convenient twist action mechanism.

Executive pens have a sharp, stylish look. The lustrous black finish of the Triton Twist Carbon Fiber Pen has a unique prismatic design.

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Top 3 Promotional Products of All-Time

For our year-end blog special, we wanted to give you the top 3 promotional products of all time! We wish you a happy new year and good luck in 2009. Now on to the real stuff....

In November and December, there's always a big focus on corporate holiday gift giving. Even though the holidays are in full swing, businesses still have their regular marketing needs to attend to. You can use promotional products to make sure that your customers don't forget about you as they get caught up in the hustle and bustle of the holiday season.

In this busy time of year, you need to keep your promotions simple yet effective. We've got just what you need with our top three promotional products of all time:

  1. Price Buster 5 Panel Cap: Buy one get one free pricing has kept this cap as one of our top sellers. The Price Buster 5 Panel Cap is the most affordable promotional apparel you can find.
  2. Non-Woven Zippered Tote: This tote bag is a customer favorite because it has a much higher perceived value than its bargain price. The water resistant coating and zippered top put it on par with more expensive tote bags.
  3. Kwik Stik: Choose a colored cap to coordinate with your logo for a sharp, clean look. You get all the benefits of a promotional pen but at a low, low price.

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Promotional Pens – Always a huge holiday seller

At Best Promotions, we don't need a calendar to know when the holidays have arrived. We know the holidays are drawing near just by the huge number of promotional pen orders that come rolling in. Year after year, we've seen that promotional pens are a consistently huge holiday seller.

So just why are promotional pens a holiday favorite? Here are some of the reasons that December is the month of promo pens:
  • Teachers love to give promotional pens to their students as small gifts when school lets out for winter break.
  • Similarly, schools order nice pens to give to their teachers as holiday gifts. The Tropic Pen is a favorite for gifts because of its fun shape and cool translucent color options.
  • Promotional pens make great stocking stuffers.
  • They're perfect for office-themed gift baskets.
  • Businesses order them in bulk to give away to all their customers. The Kwik Stik is bargain-priced and perfect for mass giveaways.
  • You can include a pen with your holiday greeting cards to create "lumpy mail" that's sure to get opened.
  • Businesses owners bring along a handful of pens to give out whenever they make holiday visits.
  • You can brighten up the office with holiday-themed pens featuring sayings like "Seasons Greetings." The Klikster Color comes in the popular holiday colors of red and green.
  • You can show that you're extra thoughtful by including a pen along with a gift such as a promotional portfolio.
These are just a few of the ways that you can include promotional pens in your holiday corporate gift giving and marketing campaigns. Any pens you have left over can be put to good use as well.

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